torstai 28. tammikuuta 2016

Random photos of the past week

Rainy day landscape shoot through the window
Calming seaside
Cliff side photos from last Sunday afternoon walk
Food tasting and wedding planning
Midweek lunch out in Valletta
Homemade cooking trials
Hot chocolate warms up on a cold and windy day
Weekend flowers
Landscape photo loving

Have a great end of the week!


sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2016

Walk on a countryside

Fields, trees, space. 
That is where I come from. My childhood home in Finland, a small village in the countryside surrounded by fields and forests. That is what I'm used to having around but here in Malta it is rare. Fortunately I get to go to a place surrounded by nature every day. Here are some photos I took last Saturday morning when walking in a sunshine after I finished work. 

// Olen kotoisin maaseudulta jossa tuttua maisemaa ovat pellot ja metsät. Täällä  Maltalla se on harvinaisempaa maisemaa. Onneksi pääsen maaseudun rauhaan joka päivä työn puolesta. Alla kuvia jotka räpsin viime lauantaina kävellessäni auringon paisteessa töistä kotiin.//

Have a nice day all the beautiful people :)


lauantai 2. tammikuuta 2016

Delightful December Part 1 - Christmas


December has changed to a new year Christmas has been celebrated, have been shot to the sky, food and company of the family and friends has been enjoyed. Now it is time to start a new chapter but before that I would like to go back to the month of festivities. 

This Christmas we spent here in Malta without any longer holiday. It is nice to stop and relax even for a few days. We had the Christmas day celebrations at our home this year. Family, good food and some presents topped with music and candles. 

Mdina Glass Christmas tree in Valletta

Christmas Eve

Kurt Calleja with his band

We celebrated Christmas eve listening to live music in Hugo's Pub Paceville. Maltese singer Kurt Calleja with his band was performing. Night was great and live show was brilliant!

Indian style food for the evening


Christmas is a feast to spend with family. This year we mixed some Finnish and Maltese traditions. Menu included Maltese and Finnish dishes, and in Finnish style, many different courses. In Finland our main day of Christmas is Christmas eve. This year we celebrated it on Christmas day in Maltese style.

In our house will be no Christmas without a decorated tree. Presents have been part of our Christmas always, so was this year. Their amount has reduced since our childhood and any more they are not as important as when we were young. Still today I like the idea of giving something small to your loved ones, especially if it is not usual thing to do. Making someone smile, it is the greatest thing

Special beautiful tree decoration 

Gift tree 


Food is the key at Christmas. On the menu we had appetizers, ham, finnish casseroles, creamy vegetables, cheeses and many more. As a dessert plum cheesecake in a glass and Christmas cake. We had such a hurry in preparing all the food and didn't get a chance to snap any more dish photos. 

Colours of decor and table setting were blue and gold accompanied with white. These stylish and fresh colors formed great atmosphere next to candles. I love to create beautiful and matching details in the festive decoration.


Tiny Gingerbread house
Final touch for the dinner, the dessert. Traditional finnish sweets and maltese Christmas cake. My favourite, creamy cheesecake was this time in a glass spiced with cinnamon and plum. 

Finnish touch for dessert table, plum tarts

Evening relaxation in candle light

Happy New Year!

Our Christmas celebrations of the year 2015 was memorable. 

I hope you had a great year and enjoyed Christmas with your loved ones as well.

Wishing you health happiness and memorable new year!

I would love to hear your comments of the way you celebrated Christmas, let me know in the comments.

Love, Annastiina

sunnuntai 29. marraskuuta 2015

Beginning of the Christmas Season

Christmas tree from a shop

Winter has arrived and Christmas time is knocking to our doors. This time I enjoy the most of the year. I have always loved winter time, its darkness, snow and cold fresh air. Winter wonderland, to what I am used to is unfortunately nowadays not very easy to find.
I remember as a child we usually had white and cold Christmas and on Christmas Eve when we woke up and looked out of the window in the morning, all we could see was covered ín white, snow.
Here in Malta it is different. Sun, open sea, plus degrees, green landscape, flowers and palm trees. 
Finnish Mulled Wine

In Finland we have special warm spicy drink called glögi (= in enlish Mulled Wine) which brings the Christmas feeling. Here in Malta it is not very easy to find it and I like the non alcoholic version. So then the best thing is to do it myself. In this drink I used many different spices such as cinnamon, clover and ginger. Those are mixed with cranberry and blackcurrant juices and some water, added some orange skin and juice. 
With this drink my Christmas time starts!

Beautiful lantern

Beautiful Poinsettia, traditional Christmas flower all over the world. It belongs to Euphorbiaceae plant family and as well as many other Euphorbia species it grows in Maltese landscape. It is a shrub or a small tree and can grow to over 4 meters high.

In my childhood presents and Advent calendars have been big part always. Cheap or expensive or handmade, all of them have been appreciated. We have usually had chocolate calendars but sometimes even beautiful self made ones with small pockets.

This year I have two calendars, one which I self made and one my mum gave me. She had wrapped all 24 items to presents. What a wonderful gift! Now I can not wait to open them, shame it is only one in a day :)

Advent calendar

Lights and Candles

Lights and Candles create really nice atmosphere especially if the candles are scented ones. Candle lanterns are also great way to decorate. They come in many various colours and styles.

Cinnamon and blueberry pancakes

This years Christmas colour palette

Christmas crib is important part of Christmas decorating every year.

Outdoor Christmas lights

Here is how I like to start my Christmas. Lighting up the house with light and candles. Simmering some glögi and next baking gingerbread. Also Christmas tree is still missing, decorations are ready, so hopefully we will soon get tree as well. 

Peaceful first Advent Sunday!


torstai 19. marraskuuta 2015

Wedding Fair

Every November yearly Wedding Fair Is held at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali. Me and mum paid a visit there. I am a lover of everything pretty so what a better place to go than a fair like this!

This fair was built of beautiful decorations, tasty food and many inspirational features for weddings. I got inspired by a few great photographers. How big difference can a real artist do to photos instead of awkward posing, capturing all the emotions and small acts of love in between.
Artist is always an artist.
Second inspirational thing for me was food. It's amazing how few ingredients in a small portion can offer such a great flavorful and tasty combinations.

Let's start this post with the food.

Next few comparisons between Finnish and Maltese weddings.Usually traditional Maltese wedding is standing up reception with finger food when finish traditional wedding is seated buffet dinner. I personally prefer reception type weddings where atmosphere is more relaxed. In my opinion in both countries menu is the heart of a succesful party.

In a reception food items are brought one at the time on trays, usually including cold and hot savoury items and later on sweet treats. In addition one can choose to have different type of food table as extra for example barbecue pasta or antipasti table.

All kind of small appetizers, finger food, pizza and sweet items were on show to be tasted.

What a wedding would be without sweet treats. Candy bar, popcorn table, macaroons, cake pops and cup cakes, gateaux cakes and wedding cakes. There are endless options of sweets and candy to choose from.

Deco. Flowers, fabrics, lights and candles all if different shades of colors. Romantic style or modern vibes, endless opportunities to decorate a hall, garden or a beach.

Also at the fair we got to see some great suits and dresses. Pretty cool limousine stole the show at the wedding car section. Would not mind a ride like that from the church to the reception!

Cocktail bars, different kind of drinks and punches were on the show as well. Drinks can be chosen made from fresh or organic ingredients, syrups or just usual spirits. Also available were different kind of wines from red to sparkling.

Not forgetting guest souvenirs, invites and flower decor this fair was full of interesting things. My ultimate favorite thing was photobooth. There guests can dress up some funny items and take photos memories for themselves and the couple getting married. Such a fun way to keep all the memories.

This fair was full of interesting stands and all things beautiful. It also offered great tips for couples planning a wedding. A real pleasure to visit. Thank you for this experience.

We are starting to get closer to the end of the week, enjoy your weekends all!