sunnuntai 29. marraskuuta 2015

Beginning of the Christmas Season

Christmas tree from a shop

Winter has arrived and Christmas time is knocking to our doors. This time I enjoy the most of the year. I have always loved winter time, its darkness, snow and cold fresh air. Winter wonderland, to what I am used to is unfortunately nowadays not very easy to find.
I remember as a child we usually had white and cold Christmas and on Christmas Eve when we woke up and looked out of the window in the morning, all we could see was covered ín white, snow.
Here in Malta it is different. Sun, open sea, plus degrees, green landscape, flowers and palm trees. 
Finnish Mulled Wine

In Finland we have special warm spicy drink called glögi (= in enlish Mulled Wine) which brings the Christmas feeling. Here in Malta it is not very easy to find it and I like the non alcoholic version. So then the best thing is to do it myself. In this drink I used many different spices such as cinnamon, clover and ginger. Those are mixed with cranberry and blackcurrant juices and some water, added some orange skin and juice. 
With this drink my Christmas time starts!

Beautiful lantern

Beautiful Poinsettia, traditional Christmas flower all over the world. It belongs to Euphorbiaceae plant family and as well as many other Euphorbia species it grows in Maltese landscape. It is a shrub or a small tree and can grow to over 4 meters high.

In my childhood presents and Advent calendars have been big part always. Cheap or expensive or handmade, all of them have been appreciated. We have usually had chocolate calendars but sometimes even beautiful self made ones with small pockets.

This year I have two calendars, one which I self made and one my mum gave me. She had wrapped all 24 items to presents. What a wonderful gift! Now I can not wait to open them, shame it is only one in a day :)

Advent calendar

Lights and Candles

Lights and Candles create really nice atmosphere especially if the candles are scented ones. Candle lanterns are also great way to decorate. They come in many various colours and styles.

Cinnamon and blueberry pancakes

This years Christmas colour palette

Christmas crib is important part of Christmas decorating every year.

Outdoor Christmas lights

Here is how I like to start my Christmas. Lighting up the house with light and candles. Simmering some glögi and next baking gingerbread. Also Christmas tree is still missing, decorations are ready, so hopefully we will soon get tree as well. 

Peaceful first Advent Sunday!


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