torstai 19. marraskuuta 2015

Wedding Fair

Every November yearly Wedding Fair Is held at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali. Me and mum paid a visit there. I am a lover of everything pretty so what a better place to go than a fair like this!

This fair was built of beautiful decorations, tasty food and many inspirational features for weddings. I got inspired by a few great photographers. How big difference can a real artist do to photos instead of awkward posing, capturing all the emotions and small acts of love in between.
Artist is always an artist.
Second inspirational thing for me was food. It's amazing how few ingredients in a small portion can offer such a great flavorful and tasty combinations.

Let's start this post with the food.

Next few comparisons between Finnish and Maltese weddings.Usually traditional Maltese wedding is standing up reception with finger food when finish traditional wedding is seated buffet dinner. I personally prefer reception type weddings where atmosphere is more relaxed. In my opinion in both countries menu is the heart of a succesful party.

In a reception food items are brought one at the time on trays, usually including cold and hot savoury items and later on sweet treats. In addition one can choose to have different type of food table as extra for example barbecue pasta or antipasti table.

All kind of small appetizers, finger food, pizza and sweet items were on show to be tasted.

What a wedding would be without sweet treats. Candy bar, popcorn table, macaroons, cake pops and cup cakes, gateaux cakes and wedding cakes. There are endless options of sweets and candy to choose from.

Deco. Flowers, fabrics, lights and candles all if different shades of colors. Romantic style or modern vibes, endless opportunities to decorate a hall, garden or a beach.

Also at the fair we got to see some great suits and dresses. Pretty cool limousine stole the show at the wedding car section. Would not mind a ride like that from the church to the reception!

Cocktail bars, different kind of drinks and punches were on the show as well. Drinks can be chosen made from fresh or organic ingredients, syrups or just usual spirits. Also available were different kind of wines from red to sparkling.

Not forgetting guest souvenirs, invites and flower decor this fair was full of interesting things. My ultimate favorite thing was photobooth. There guests can dress up some funny items and take photos memories for themselves and the couple getting married. Such a fun way to keep all the memories.

This fair was full of interesting stands and all things beautiful. It also offered great tips for couples planning a wedding. A real pleasure to visit. Thank you for this experience.

We are starting to get closer to the end of the week, enjoy your weekends all!


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