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Delightful December Part 1 - Christmas


December has changed to a new year Christmas has been celebrated, have been shot to the sky, food and company of the family and friends has been enjoyed. Now it is time to start a new chapter but before that I would like to go back to the month of festivities. 

This Christmas we spent here in Malta without any longer holiday. It is nice to stop and relax even for a few days. We had the Christmas day celebrations at our home this year. Family, good food and some presents topped with music and candles. 

Mdina Glass Christmas tree in Valletta

Christmas Eve

Kurt Calleja with his band

We celebrated Christmas eve listening to live music in Hugo's Pub Paceville. Maltese singer Kurt Calleja with his band was performing. Night was great and live show was brilliant!

Indian style food for the evening


Christmas is a feast to spend with family. This year we mixed some Finnish and Maltese traditions. Menu included Maltese and Finnish dishes, and in Finnish style, many different courses. In Finland our main day of Christmas is Christmas eve. This year we celebrated it on Christmas day in Maltese style.

In our house will be no Christmas without a decorated tree. Presents have been part of our Christmas always, so was this year. Their amount has reduced since our childhood and any more they are not as important as when we were young. Still today I like the idea of giving something small to your loved ones, especially if it is not usual thing to do. Making someone smile, it is the greatest thing

Special beautiful tree decoration 

Gift tree 


Food is the key at Christmas. On the menu we had appetizers, ham, finnish casseroles, creamy vegetables, cheeses and many more. As a dessert plum cheesecake in a glass and Christmas cake. We had such a hurry in preparing all the food and didn't get a chance to snap any more dish photos. 

Colours of decor and table setting were blue and gold accompanied with white. These stylish and fresh colors formed great atmosphere next to candles. I love to create beautiful and matching details in the festive decoration.


Tiny Gingerbread house
Final touch for the dinner, the dessert. Traditional finnish sweets and maltese Christmas cake. My favourite, creamy cheesecake was this time in a glass spiced with cinnamon and plum. 

Finnish touch for dessert table, plum tarts

Evening relaxation in candle light

Happy New Year!

Our Christmas celebrations of the year 2015 was memorable. 

I hope you had a great year and enjoyed Christmas with your loved ones as well.

Wishing you health happiness and memorable new year!

I would love to hear your comments of the way you celebrated Christmas, let me know in the comments.

Love, Annastiina

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  1. Lovely pictures! <3 Christmas is the best time of the year, that's for sure!