maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2015

Tour around Tallinn

Arrival to the city
Värien tanssia!
Entering to the old part of Tallinn
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
St. Nicholas church
View over Tallinn
Moe 1886 Icebar
To these glasses no need for ice cubes to cool down the drink!


Right about month ago, on the last days of our summer vacation we did a visit to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. From Helsinki it is very easy to get there in just few hours by ferry. We had time to enjoy the city from Saturday to Sunday afternoon, which was a great way to end to our two week holiday in Finland. 
Even though we saw huge part of the city centre in only 24 hours, we would have loved to spend more time there.
Weather was on our side and we had great sunny and warm over night stay.
We walked many kilometers, saw many places and enjoyed what this slavic city had to offer. We stayed in a nice small hotel right next to the port. Walk from the hotel to the old city was not very long but just to try it out we hired a bicycle taxi which took us to the hotel in few minutes, as drivers mostly young students. It was fun way to experience the city also.
Besides this and the old part of the city the most memorable 30 minutes were a visit in a local Icebar. It was decorated like any usual bar but the difference was that everything was made of ice. According to wikipedia they have used almost 19 tons of ice in the interior. Outside air temperature was around +25 degrees Celsius and going in to the bar it was -6! We got warm capes to wear but open toe sandals and bare hands were not so happy about it.

I hope that you have enjoyed this small tour around Tallinn with us.

Thank you for reading!


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