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Malta & Finland

Living abroad, far away from my home country, family and friends is not always easy. 
I do go back to Finland few times a year and spend most of my holidays there, still I feel sometimes it is not enough. There are so many important persons back in Finland and I would love to be there for them and spend time with them more. 
But the problem is I feel same here in Malta. I have got to meet and know so many beautiful souls here, who have welcomed me with open arms and I can proudly say that I now have two home countries. Actually it is wrong to call this a problem, I think it's more a blessing to have families in two countries.
In the past five years I have grown my roots here to this tiny island in the Mediterranean.

Below here I will present to you some things I love in both of my home countries.

Love for Malta:

Great places and views, beautiful churches and countryside. Malta is very small country but it has a lot to offer. And the best part is that it only takes about an hour to drive from North to South. Its small size makes it easy to access everywhere in no time (excluding traffic hours and public happenings). Despite its small size it is very highly populated, more than 400.000 people. 
This Mediterranean island has a lot of historical tales to tell and old ancient places to see.
I have fallen inlove with Maltese seaside and clear turquoise waters, sunny days and warm weather, village feasts and fireworks. Mediterranean food is also must to mention. 

Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta


Below The Capital Valletta

Love for Finland:

Finland as part of Northern Europe is very different from Malta. Its four seasons, thousands of lakes and never ending forrests. Finland has over 5 million population and is surrounded by neighbour countries. In Finland I love nature and fresh air, open space and silent countryside. Great food, cold winters and snow are missed very often in the heat of Mediterranean summer.

Tammerkoski river in Tampere

View over lake Pyhäjärvi from tower of Pyynikki in Tampere

Finnish fish caught fresh from the lake and blueberry pie from hand picked berries from the forest

View from the plane in December over the capital Helsinki

Wintery road in December

Backyard (or backforest:) of my childhood home in August

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All the photos are taken by me. //


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